Chefs keep the world of Primordiax fed with excellent cuisine and a variety of dishes from all over the world. The chef profession is an ancient and respected one, and before the Void Taint of 228, chef guilds and school were the most prolific in the world. Because of the sheer amount of raw ingrediants used to create their art, this profession suffered worse than any other, and all the large guilds were decimated.

Some of the most famous recipes of the past have been lost as chefs and their cookbooks were burned along with guilds in order to prevent the spread of the Taint. Modern cooks work to recreate and re-discover these recipes as well as developing new ones to please the palates of Primordiax. They also play an enormous part in the great Gourmand Challenges around the world.

Chefs usually wear cloth aprons and hats as part of their usual work clothes. They also usually possess a wide variety of knives, cutting blocks, pots and pans. A cook's gear may determine how well he or she is able to create a dish.