Primordiax - Dwarf MaleDwarves are stockily built, ranging from 3.5 to 6 rands tall and weigh between 45 and 60 crown. Within their portly builds, however, is no lacking of physical or mental prowess. They are a strong race that accepts each others strengths regardless of gender. Dwarves often live in close-knit societies where the males and females take up equal roles and status. This could be due to the females being as brusque and burly as males, and with as much hair to boast of as well, or it could be attributed to the exceptional pride felt among those of the dwarven race.

Primordiax - Dwarf FemaleThough they are similar in size, female dwarves tend to e somewhat smaller with more feminine curves. Their facial hair is not as pronounced as their male counterparts. Hair in dwarven society, is the epitome of social acceptance and attractiveness, therefore men spend much time grooming and decorating their beards and hair to increase attractiveness and wrangle a mate.

Dwarven society was integral in the construction and governance of the city of Askagard until their expulsion during the Great Purge. Upon resettling Askagard, dwarves again served as the backbone to the reconstruction of the city. They are an ancient race of Primordiax, a fact they take great pride in and unto this day rumors abound of lost dwarven cities filled with treasure and secrets lost to this world.