From the creators of Threshold RPG comes a brand new real world simulation game. One of the biggest names in LPC meets one of the long-time DIKU coders to bring a new and unique online roleplaying game with a brand new codebase and mudlib.

Primordiax has been years in creation, and now the anticipated MUD is opening its doors and welcoming players. We are currently entering Open Beta for anyone interested in trying some of the main features of the game as well as innovative roleplayers who wish to get in at the ground floor. Please feel free to log on with your favorite client (info to be released) or with our graphical, custom mud client (accessible upon release). Bring your friends.

Our goals for creating Primordiax is to allow multiple types of players to find a niche and enjoy the world. You can level via combat, crafting and trade, or by playing a character that supports crafters or fighters. Pick the path that is best for you, or play one of each.

For those who love combat:

  • Fast-paced leveling
  • Mobs with their own AI
  • Millions of rooms (literally) to explore
  • Open skill tree allowing you to mix magic, melee, and holy powers
  • Thousands of pieces of gear
  • Endless ability to tweak abilities and skills

For those who love crafting:

  • Group crafting
  • Over a thousand items to craft and recipes to learn
  • Niche crafting (never be obsolete)
  • System is simple to learn, hard to master
  • No annoying context problems to make crafting artificially difficult
  • Complex, interdependent economy
  • Allows for master/apprentice situations
  • Gear improves crafting

For those who love trade:

  • Auction house for raw resources
  • Player shops for advanced traders
  • Simple trade system that rewards traders with items and XP
  • Robust economy that mixes NPC trade and PC trades
  • No repetitive, boring, skill-by-use systems

For those who love support:

  • Dedicated healing profession
  • Dedicated buffing/debuffing professions
  • Open skill tree allows for unique builds
  • XP rewards for healing, buffing, and debuffing
  • Support possibilities for crafting and trade professions
  • XP rewards for picking locks and detecting traps

For those who love socializing:

  • Robust clan system
  • Nobility system
  • Trade and merchant classes encourage face-to-face sales
  • Create your own guilds
  • Incredibly robust religion system allows players to progress in their religion in addition to their profession
  • Vie for political positions within the large cities and guilds
  • Extensive emote system (combination of DIKU and LPC style of emotes)
  • Robust language system

For those who love competitive rankings:

  • Clan vs. Clan system allows for collaborative competition
  • Unique collection system consists of thousands of items and categories
  • Mini-games are ranked
  • Compete in fairs for crafting creations and farmed goods

For those who love roleplaying:

  • Staff driven quest plots
  • Staff run roleplaying events
  • Extensive emote system
  • Diverse language system
  • Relaxed atmosphere that encourages all levels of roleplaying
  • An OOC command that gives you, the player, insight to what your character would likely already know about world items. No guessing necessary.
  • Plenty of opportunity for player driven plots and stories.
  • Detailed timeline and documents for a completely unique and original world.


  • Fun fishing system and league
  • Farming system for growing crops and raising animals. Time-based leveling. (To come.)
  • Hidden genetics system that governs most of the wildlife and farm animals and plants
  • Hidden acheivements to earn throughout the world