Getting Started

Primordiax can be accessed via our custom graphical client or by using your favorite telnet client. Please see our guide on Wikimalia for how to get started in playing.

For those who wish to spend a lot of time character creation, information about the world and its inhabitants can be found on Wikimalia as well as this website.

Connecting to Primordiax

The easiest way to connect to Primordiax is to use the PLAY link at the top of every web page.

If you prefer your own favorite mud client, you can also connect using the following information:



Primordiax places a heavy emphasis on roleplaying, but we acknowledge that not all roleplayers are created equally. In each of the starting cities, roleplay hubs exist in order to help newer players find compatible roleplayers. Crafting hubs are also excellent places to find people.

Roleplaying is usually started by two or more players encountering each other and using either the say or emote command to indicate the desire for interaction. In many cases roleplay may also be initiated by Primordiax staff members. Participation is desired but not required. Please feel free to insinuate your character in any of the many plots we may run.


We encourage everyone to become a part of the greater Primordiax community. The creators of Primordiax have been running online communities since 1996. Please feel free to either join our community forums or to join us on Facebook.

Purchasing Medallions

Medallions, the currency for our microtransaction payment system, can be purchased directly from our website or within the game. Medallions are used to buy specialized items in game or for ordering personalized portraits. For those purchasing medallions in Open Beta, you will get your medallions now and once again when the game goes live. You can play the game for free, and medallions are often given out as in-game prizes.

Sponsors & Supporters

Please visit our SPONSORS & SUPPORTERS page to see people and businesses that have supported Primordiax & Frogdice.