Primordiax is an In-Character Enforced environment that is strictly monitored. By accessing this game, you are agreeing to preserve the in-character environment of the world. This means you will not speak in a manner that is inconsistent with the atmosphere and genre of the game world (for example, you may not speak about real world events except on designated out-of-character channels or on our forums). Staying in-character also means that each player must have at least a rudimentary persona planned for each character played. Separation should exist between the player and each of his or her characters.

Active role playing is not required but is strongly encouraged by the creators of Primordiax. Extensive roleplaying tools are available to those interested in running events, whether they be large or small. Our staff will also run world-wide events on a regular basis, especially during holidays. All characters, clans, and guilds should be created with at least a modicum of role playing in mind.

The creators of Primordiax chose to make the game ICE rather than RPI in order to create a less intimidating, more accessible, and more enforceable world. Many people who are new to role playing find RPIs too intimidating, too elitist, or lacking in enough "game" elements to provide variety in gameplay. Hard core role players (of which we have many) benefit from the ICE system as well. Having more people around who are, at a minimum, staying in character provides more opportunities to find enough people for plot lines or events that would otherwise not be possible.

Preserving the in-character atmosphere is a serious and difficult endeavor in which both the administration and the players must be ever-vigilant.