Primordiax - Troj

Katayvan occupies the southeast corner of the known world map. Most of the continent is covered in jungles, swamps, and bogs, and the climate could easily be described as semi-tropical to tropical. The seat of civilization on this landmass is located in the Kingdom of Troj, a black stone city built entirely by lekleks. Katayvan is well-known for its rainy season which comes after a very short, mild winter where it snows only on the highest peaks. The tropical storms known as payuut sweep through the continent causing many of the more established plants in the rainforest to fall every year. They also devastate humanoid establishments, which is why all the buildings in Troj have been built from stone. The payuuts are an extremely important ecological force. In knocking down some of the taller trees in the various rainforests, the storms allow for smaller plants to compete as well as create shelter for several of the ground based creatures of the jungle.

The massive amount of biomass located on this continent allows for an extremely diverse ecosystem. Most of the rare plants and herbs needed for complex alchemy and healing can be found in Katayvan, and some of the rarest animals in the world, especially the great cats, can be found roaming through the jungles. Though the longest and toughest mountain ranges in the world are located on Mitralon, the highest mountain peak in Primordiax is located on Katayvan. It is known as Pokow Soong, which translates to "Mountain of Deadly Heights" in maeish, the language of salamaes. The indigenous people of this landmass are often small, like the lekleks or the salamae, and quick. They also tend to be extremely resourceful, utilizing the bounty given to them by the surrounding jungle and wildlife. Cultures and people from Katayvan often act extremely cautious as well- of their surroundings and of people in general. The jungle is always full of surprises.