Of the three major continents, Mitralon is the largest and spans the known northern hemisphere. The kingdom of Askagard, an immense, walled city, was built by a coalition of races, rises from the Askakedja Mountain chain located in central Mitralon. The climate for this massive section of land can be described as temperate for the most part. The northern parts of Mitralon contains mostly tundra and semi-arctic conditions. Mitralon has more mineral-rich mountains and hills than any of the other continents, so those who wish to mine for minerals often find themselves exploring this continent first.

Besides the great city of Askagard, Mitralon is known for being home to the following rare animals: the mello penguin, the largest blue dragon to have ever been spotted, the extremely rare blooddart fish, and the giant beaver. Animal enthusiasts and hunters, though working at cross-purposes, often visit this continent in hopes of capturing some of these animals. The people of this continent tend to be sturdy, tough, and hard-working. Most of the cultures and races found here tend towards a passionate lifestyle and one often based on survival. The harsh winters of Mitralon have developed some extremely industrious folk.