Primordiax - Talayi MaleTalayi, at their core, are unarguably the most controversial race of Primordiax. Their origins lie in such clouded mystery that any and all who study their culture are left baffled by their origins. Talayi believe they are the children of Aryoch himself, the protectors of his oceans and beasts of all natures. Many scholars deduce the Talayi to be the remnants of a lost race, forced into the depths of the ocean during the sundering only to return when the land could once again harbor and sustain advanced life. Others believe Talayi to be the outcome of a race of shapeshifters whose powers were lost due to their undeveloped nature. Of all things only one is certain: that Talayi have the most prolonged lifespans on Primordiax. This alone has earned them no small amount of distrust often to the point of hatred.

Primordiax - Talayi FemaleTalayi are a tall, slender, and lanky race. Long arms and legs flow when they walk or run, mimicking the movements of plants swaying in the currents in deep ocean waters. Their most distinguishing features are their eyes; pools of dark grey or black and in rare instances silver that show no whites. This, their exotic bone structure and willowy frame, and their ability to commune with the beasts of the world give much ammunition to those scholars who would claim the Talayi are simply beasts themselves.

Talayi society is rich with tradition. Females and males spend much of their time apart, but in the times they come together there is much celebration. They are a race content with their place in the world and with each other, content to honor and respect life of all varieties.