Desert sands and wind-scoured canyons dominate most of Ta'Raekhet's harsh landscape. This continent is quite water deficient, though the people who survive in the environment manage to find water whenever they need it. Chemer, the oldest known city in Primordiax, stands as the bastion of civilization in Ta'Raekhet. Its white walls provide shelter against the harsh rays of the desert sun as well as a place for people to gather and conduct business. The climate of this continent can be described as hot or hotter as there are only three seasons. In the spring, the rains fall in quick bursts for no more than a few weeks. At that time, the trickling streams fill their beds and become rushing rivers. Then comes a period of rapid growth and flourishing bounty. Soon after, the water disappears through evaporation or by going deep underground. Summer blazes for nine long months before giving way to two months of less hot but still scorching weather.

Ta'Raekhet is known for the following indigenous animals: camels, dryer fish, the sand spider, dune lizards, and the legendary stegadonks. In addition, the only saguaro desert in the world is located somewhere on this continent. The people who inhabit this continent are fierce survivors and have developed some extremely unique cultures centered around water and the sun. While the rest of the world may view the Ta'Raekhet inhabitants as cruel, they see themselves as practical.