Consisting of three known, separate continents, Primordiax sports a varied climate that ranges from tropical to arctic conditions. The planet circles around a yellow sun and harbors three moons: Athene, Ortias, and Gemane. Athene, the smallest of the three moons, actually circles closest to Primordiax, making it appear to be the same size as the others in the night sky. Ortias' surface absorbs all colors except for maroon, which it reflects. Thus, the moon appears to be red on most clear nights, which has given it the nickname of "The Blood Moon". Gemane tends to appear white with purple tinges most nights, and though it is the largest moon, it is the one furthest away from the planet. Gemane also sports a ragged red "scar" on its surface. Scholars are still in the process of trying to discover the source of that scarring, and many mythologies and stories have developed around that particular feature of Gemane.

Three continents exist on Primordiax, each with its own major city. Please continue to Wikimalia for indepth detail: